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Video Booth and Photo Booth Rentals for Corporate Events

  • Progressive Insurance Video Booth

    Create Some Buzz
    With Our Photo &
    Video Booth

    Progressive logo

    When Progressive Insurance needed a
    sidekick for their iconic Flo, they turned
    to Brand Image Productions for
    customized video booths in which to
    record auditions. Contestants posted
    their screen tests using social media -
    generating considerable buzz.

  • LOreal Video Booth

    Increase Brand Reach

    LOreal logo

    The campaign: L’Oreals Hairdressers
    Against AIDS. Participants recorded
    video messages to suggest ways to
    help stop the spread of AIDS using
    video booths deployed in major
    US Markets. Several videos were
    displayed, in real-time, on the
    massive Times Square Jumbotron.

  • Grammy and T-Mobile Combination Photo Video Booth

    Let Everybody Play

    Grammy and T-Mobile logo

    As part of the GRAMMY® Celebration
    Concert Tour, T-Mobile and
    The Recording Academy deployed our
    combination video and photo booths.
    Photos were given an Andy Warhol
    effect and then displayed on large
    screens above the stage at five iconic
    theaters along the nationwide tour.

  • EMC Video Booth

    Get Customers Talking

    EMC logo

    Attendees at EMC’s World Conference
    provided video feedback on topics
    ranging from product features to
    customer service.

  • Boost Mobile Video Booth

    Go on a Road Show

    Boost Mobile logo

    Boost Mobile’s “Wish Fulfillment Center”
    video booths allowed participants in
    32 cities to tell the Boost Mobile Genie
    their wishes. Contest entries were
    judged on creativity, verbal expression,
    and appeal.

  • Discovery Channel Shark Week Combination Photo and Video Booth

    Engage Audiences

    Discovery Channel Shark Week logo

    The Discovery Channel deployed our
    combination video booths and photo
    booths to capture people’s reactions
    to being bitten by a shark during
    Shark Week!

  • Coke Zero Video Booth

    Merge Video & Photo

    Coke Zero logo

    In our Fanification Stations, NCAA
    Men’s Final Four Fans gave shout-outs
    to their favorite teams and shared
    their branded videos and photos
    through social media.

  • Ulta Beauty Video Booth

    Gain Customer Insight

    Ulta Beauty logo

    ULTA Beauty deployed seven custom
    branded video booths at the popular
    BlogHer conference. Audiences were
    encouraged to record beauty secrets
    that had gone disastrously wrong.
    These videos were then uploaded to
    the company’s website.

  • Ted@State Street Video Booth

    Engage Employees
    With Our Photo
    & Video Booth

    State Street logo

    As participants of the TED@StateStreet
    event, employees recorded their
    reactions after watching live
    presentations from their co-workers
    whose groundbreaking ideas and
    accomplishments compelled action.

  • New York Rangers Video Booth

    Bring out the Passion

    New York Rangers logo

    After devoted NY Ranger fans recorded
    passionate words of encouragement
    for their beloved team, select videos
    were displayed on the overhead
    GardenVision screen during games at
    Madison Square Garden ... The most
    famous arena in the world!

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Branded Video/Photo Booths

Our automated video booth and photo booth platforms enable the effortless creation and sharing of high quality, branded, user-generated video and photo content.

State Street video booth
High-definition recorded video

Record stunning
HD video

and/or take branded
photos in a single booth.

User generated content

Capture user
generated content

for online, offline
or broadcast use.

Share content on social media

Share videos and
photos instantly

through integrated
email and social media.

Promote your brand

Promote your brand

during and
after deployment.

Deploy with speed and ease

Deploy with speed and ease


15 years of experience

Capitalize on our
fifteen years

of insight and field
proven results.

Bring out the passion of a sports fan. Give your customers a powerful voice. Gather valuable feedback from clients.

For over 15 years, Brand Image Productions has provided clients with high-quality photo and video booth services for a variety of events and venues worldwide. We work with you every step of the way to customize, produce, and deploy a social media-enabled booth that allows for the creation and sharing of branded, user-generated content. Loreal Hairdressers Against Aids boothAs the pioneer and trusted leader in our field, we have served Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and small businesses seeking dynamic engagement with their target audience at live events and through post-marketing services. Our process is turnkey and our results are unparalleled. We deliver on time. On budget. Every time. Guaranteed.

Our partnerships span every major industry including education, technology, food and beverage, health, hospitality, finance, insurance, media and entertainment, medical, non-profit, retail, sports, and travel. We also have experience at a range of events, from the Super Bowl to Fashion Week, sales conferences to fundraisers, marathons to launch parties. Our services can accommodate a standard convention hall, a narrow red carpet, a 32-city, worldwide tour, and more.

We are ready to design an experience that meets - and surpasses - your corporate needs, whether you strive to raise awareness around your brand, generate buzz for a new product, collect instantaneous feedback from customers, acquire new fans, or just let your audience have a genuine good time.

We’re ready to take on your next biggest challenge.

Our services include:

Video Booths

Our video booths allow for the spontaneous creation of natural, emotional, and compelling HD video content - including testimonials, confessionals, auditions, customer or employee feedback, and personal opinion or narrative videos. Videos are available, in real time, and are suitable for on-line, off-line, and broadcast applications.

Photo Booths

Our photo booths allow users to take high resolution, branded still photos with user selectable borders. Optional on-site printing allows users to walk away with a branded souvenir. Photos are available, in real time, and are suitable for on-line and off-line applications.

Combination Video-Photo Booths

Our combination video booth and photo booth allow for a video booth and a photo booth in a single unit - offering each user the choice to record and share a video or take and share a photo.

Karaoke Studio Video Booths

Our Karaoke Studio Video Booths let people “sing along with the bouncing ball” while a video camera captures the action. This enclosed booth serves as a portable studio - all you do is provide us with the song / jingle. As with our video booths and photo booths, participants can share their sing-along video via Twitter or Facebook.

From the bustling trade show floor to the fashionable night club. Our wide selection of eye-catching, custom branded booth and kiosk platforms will enhance your event setting and attract your event attendees.

“The combination Video Booth and Photo Booth worked wonderfully in our North American “Raise the Bar Tour,” promoting Panasonic’s sponsorship of The Summer Olympic Games. The videos and photos generated in the booths helped drive new levels of social media traffic for our Worldwide Brand. They have a winning product here!” - Panasonic North America