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Brand Image Productions: Custom Branded Photo Booth Services

A picture can convey a powerful message. It can tell a story, capture an emotion, and help shape a brand’s identity. For over 15 years, Brand Image Productions has provided companies with high-quality, custom branded photo booth rental services for a variety of events worldwide. As the leader in our field, we have partnered with Fortune 500 clients spanning a number of industries to create and share user-generated photo content.

Our photo booths give users a dynamic platform to engage with your brand, providing an interactive experience from the moment they step inside. We are ready to design a booth that meets your corporate needs, whether you seek to raise brand awareness, create buzz around a new product, or collect instantaneous feedback from customers, employees, or clients. We deliver on time. On budget. Every time. Guaranteed.

What We Do: Our Turnkey Process

From photo booth customization to installation to deployment at the main event, we work with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless experience. Your booth is delivered directly to your event venue and is installed and managed by one of our technicians or your staff should you choose. We provide technological and phone support, training, and on-site field technicians as needed. We can also moderate and safely store your user-generated content during the event.

Our booths can be optimized for a range of indoor and outdoor venues, from a large stadium or trade show floor to a narrow red carpet space. The booth is a powerful marketing tool in and of itself; its sleek shape is beset by eye-catching custom graphics and advanced technology integration.

Upon entering our photo booths, participants use the intuitive touch screen interface to take high resolution, branded photos with customizable borders that depict your company logo or event theme. Optional on-site printing allows users to walk away with a branded souvenir.

Social Sharing & Marketing Efforts

The reach of our services extends to post event-marketing and social media initiatives. Participants can share photos instantly through email and social media. Photos may also be broadcasted on a Jumbotron and flat screen televisions, or organized on a custom branded webpage for use in a gallery, contest, or social media campaign.

Qualified leads and post event metrics are made available so you can assess the impact and virality of the campaign and our photo booth services.