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Brand Image Productions: Custom Branded Video Kiosk Services

A video can communicate a powerful message. It captures emotion, tells a story, offers feedback, and helps shape brand identity. For over 15 years, we have partnered with Fortune 500 companies to provide compelling user-generated video content at a diverse range of venues and events worldwide. From A-list red carpet occasions to to more private, internal events, our custom branded video kiosks can be utilized for a range of services including recording spontaneous testimonials, confessionals, auditions, and customer or employee feedback videos.

We are ready to create an experience that supports your needs, whether you seek to generate buzz around a new product, collect customer feedback, or raise awareness of your brand. We deliver on time. On budget. Every time. Guaranteed.

What We Do: Customize, Produce, & Deploy

We provide a turnkey experience for our partners, from customization to installation to deployment at the main event. We offer a support package that can include kiosk delivery, installation, staff training, technological and on-site support, and video content moderation and storage.

Our video kiosk can be utilized in a variety of spaces and events, from a trade show floor to a crowded red carpet. It is also a marketing tool in and of itself; its sleek design, lively custom graphics, and high-definition technology attracts passersby. Upon entering the video kiosk, participants use the intuitive touch screen interface to easily record their video.

Social Sharing & Marketing Efforts

We also provide a range of post event-marketing and social media opportunities. Videos are instantly available for online, offline, and broadcast applications, and for users to share through email and social media. Additionally, video content can appear on a custom branded webpage for a contest, gallery, or social media campaign.

We deliver comprehensive post-event metrics and qualified leads so you can evaluate the success of your campaign and our video kiosk services as a whole.