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Animal Planet Finding Bigfoot Video Booth

Brand Image Productions: Custom Branded Videobooth Services

In the current digital landscape, video is a powerful tool for brands. It can capture genuine fan emotion, collect valuable customer feedback, and give an influential voice to your target audience. For 16 years, Brand Image Productions has provided partners with high-quality, custom branded user-generated video content. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies to customize, produce, and deploy our video booth services at major events and venues around the world. From award shows to sporting events, technology conventions to sales conferences, film festivals to product launches and more, our video booths have given companies the opportunity to engage directly with their target audience.

As the pioneer and experienced leader in our field, our clients and agency partners place their major corporate campaigns in our qualified hands. We have worked with clients from a range of industries including education, electronics, food and beverage, finance, health and beauty, technology, hospitality, insurance, media and entertainment, medical, non-profit, retail, sports, and travel.

Our video booths can be customized for a variety of services including recording customer or employee feedback, confessionals, auditions, spontaneous testimonials, and narrative videos.

We are ready to create a booth that meets-and far exceeds-your corporate goals, whether you’re looking for feedback on a new product, testimonials from loyal brand ambassadors, or simply to capture your fans having fun. We deliver on time. On budget. Every time. Guaranteed.

What We Do: Customize, Produce, & Deploy

We guarantee an efficient, turnkey, and satisfying process for our partners. From the preliminary customization stage to installation to deployment at the main event, we work with you closely during every step along the way. Your booth is delivered to the event venue where it is installed and managed by one of our technicians (or by your event staff should you choose). We also offer a suite of support services including staff training, technological and phone support, on-site field technicians as needed, video moderation, and secure storage of your user-generated content.

Our video booths can be utilized in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces and events, from a busy red carpet at a premiere to a small and intimate conference setting. The booth itself serves is an effective marketing tool; its sleek structure and design, high-quality custom graphics, and advanced technology calls the immediate attention of passersby.

Inside the video booth, users navigate the intuitive touch screen interface to record their videos. Instructions are made available that outline the recording process for easy use.

Social Sharing & Marketing Efforts

We also provide a range of post event-marketing and social media opportunities for brands seeking to extend their digital reach. Videos are available in real time for online, offline, and broadcast applications. Participants can also email their videos or share them on various social media platforms. Companies have the ability to broadcast selected videos on other applications such as a Jumbotron or flat screen televisions. Additionally, video content can appear on a custom webpage for use in a gallery, contest, or social media campaign.

We deliver qualified leads and comprehensive campaign metrics so you can assess its complete reach and impact. Clients looking for a vehicle to promote their brand in a dynamic new way should look no further than our video booth services. We’re excited to take on your next big challenge.